As stated before in John Davis's article, "The long and the short of it", the short condition will be 32 to 35 feet in length. Inside the eighth board, the pattern is usually completely flat. Kegel Element Titanium 4244: 44' USBC Junior Gold Long (2009) Most players normally play on oil patterns that are in the 38 to 41 foot range at their home bowling center, or single condition events. /S /URI The highest-seeded team shall determine the starting lane and position for the roll-off. If there is a break, the second block of finals will be on fresh oil, as will the stepladder. /Type /XObject With Tungsten meaning "heavy stone" in Swedish, this oil pattern can lift your scores high if the lane surface allows the outside to play. /A << >> When searching for the app on an iPad, be sure to have iPhone apps selected as this will only come up if iPhone is selected in the search. /GSa 35 0 R endobj stream This tournament shall be contested on two (2) different patterns. >> Pattern Length: 44' Pattern Volume: 25.295. at 5 or 4 matches, respectively), for 6 or fewer teams, there will be no break. What that means is there is not a lot of un-cupping and re-cupping of the wrist through the release point. Practice for the Position Round and for the first Stepladder match will be 5 minutes, for the final stepladder match the oncoming team (i.e. Until LaneMap Guides become common place at all high level events,and oil patterns change less than they do now throughout any given period of games, these unknowns to the players will ultimately determine what happens to the development of the oil pattern, and what the resulting scoring pace will be. /PageLayout /OneColumn endobj 8.8K views 2 years ago With the help of a FLEX lane machine and fully compatible Element Conditioners, our Lane Maintenance Team is able to create many different pattern shapes that yield various. >> /Parent 3 0 R Summary of Contents for Kegel FLEX 17-5801. Try to make sure your sliding foot is farther towards the outside so the path of your ball can take advantage of the oil patterns wider shape. Kegels Pattern Library is now part of Kegels upcoming Smart Ecosystem which will allow Kegel Smart ID users to sync between web, mobile apps and more! /A << The journey began with Fire and Ice, high performance conditioners that introduced the world to the concept of blending conditioners. This weekend we will have $1,500 added to the prize fund compliments of the Rutland USBC Association as well as The Black Dog Shooting of Rutland. /Kids [5 0 R] /Pages 3 0 R /ViewerPreferences 2 0 R You can sort the pattern lists with any of the following options: popularity, release date, name, length, difficulty, and volume. 9 0 obj Ted Thompson began his career in the bowling business in 1976 at the age of 15 working for the Florida based Galaxy Lanes chain. Qualifying squads at 11:00-12:30-2:00. <<>> Re: Problem with Kegel Kustodian That pattern doesn't look to me like it was designed for use with a transfer brush. However, if you stray towards the inside part of the lane too soon, the reality of Radium can set in, causing your scores to suffer a painful experience. Qualifying scores will carry over to the finals. /Title (Rz]&) /HideMenubar false /Im26 33 0 R With the help of a FLEX lane machine and fully compatible Element Conditioners, our Lane Maintenance Team is able to create many different pattern shapes that yield various ball motions. For patterns that are shorter or longer than this 38-41 feet range, the breakpoint must be managed in a more defined and minimal manner. It was the most Ted ever received for an hour lesson, and it came from one of the greatest players of all time. Ted has also coached bowling on many different levels. Therefore the player should be targeting along the oil line as long as possible to maximize their room for error. /Im22 27 0 R Ties amongst finalists will be broken based on the teams highest single game for seeding purposes. This entails foot placement during the slide, swing direction, hand position, and last but not least, correct ball motion. It could be said that the way the two conditioners are used in the Carbon pattern is simply magical, just like the element. (2016 Note: World Bowling has since gone to single pattern events where medium patterns will most likely dominate the pattern choice.). Best. Lake Wales, FL 33859 USA, Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kegel Conditioner, PINSETTER PARTS - COMPATIBLE WITH A2 MACHINES, PINSETTER PARTS - COMPATIBLE WITH GS MACHINES, VIEW ALL ELEMENT PATTERN PDF and KOSI TXT FILES. << Kegel's Pattern Showcase | Episode 1 - Ultimate Blend Watch on DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN FILES KOSI TXT PDF EPISODE 2: Understanding PL-31 Kegel's Pattern Showcase | Episode 2 - Rule of PL-31 Watch on DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN FILES KOSI TXT PDF EPISODE 3: reverse brush drop Kegel's Pattern Showcase | Episode 3 - Reverse Brush Drop Watch on The app is available to download from both the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. If a player chooses a ball that is to aggressive and hooks to soon, it will force the player away from the oil pattern slope (from least to most amount of oil). I'm joining a league that throws down really hard patterns and this is the first one. Swing directions that are straighter down the target line will normally be more advantageous on the short patterns. /Im44 30 0 R /Im20 32 0 R Not much there for infinity/prodigy w/a phoenix-s (c). Tournament Finals: Kegel Titanium Oil Pattern Jake the Bowler 448 subscribers Subscribe 8 1.4K views 1 year ago #PBA #Bowling #Pennsylvania Hey everyone! /F49 22 0 R Watch the videos below to learn more about every Element Pattern category and see how Kegel bowlers attack each Element Pattern. Qualifying will consist of two (2), five (5) game blocks across ten (10) lanes each. Kegel Tip The flatter the oil pattern is towards the end of the pattern the more difficult it will play. Since the breakpoint needs to be closer to the pocket, backend change of direction must be minimized while at the same time retaining energy. Medium length patterns also tend to allow the lane surface to be the determining factor when the pattern is not a blocked recreational oil pattern. Our reports are now more visual and easier to understand. endstream >> /PageMode /UseNone A general guideline from Kegel is: Less than 18 ml use a weaker cover ball 18 - 21 ml use a weak to medium cover 21 - 25 ml use a medium to strong cover More than 25 ml use an aggressive coverstock Patterns with lower volume will break down more quickly, patterns with higher volume tend to break down more slowly. /Type /Annot This feedback led to further updates to improve the experience and we are proud to announce that all updates have been applied and the new version of the pattern library has been relaunched! Since the low point of the pattern has been stated to be outside of the forth board, if a player is sliding left of 15, most likely they are playing in the flat part of the pattern way too long, which minimizes their room for error. /ColorSpace << You can easily add a pattern to your favorites list by clicking on the star icon. More than likely a player will need to make a few technique adjustments as well. FLEX customers may need to update the thoughtware version within the PLC and Touchscreen. Spares. ELEMENT SERIES FREE SAMPLE REQUEST FORM /Resources << Each squad is limited to 80 bowlers, so make your reservations early at:, Lane Pattern for the Green Mountain Open May 14-15 in Rutland Vermont, These ball types will allow you target along the oil line for an extended period of time because they release energy in a more continual manner, which will maximize your room for error. After each game, doubles teams on the left lane will move left, and teams on the right lane will move right**. Since the oil pattern is on the relatively short side (this used to be the normal pattern length before aggressive bowling balls) there is a lot of lane left, which other than topographical influences, has no definable shape or guidance. /ExtGState << With over 90% of the oil stacked up in the middle across four boards and minimal conditioner outside, the Helium oil pattern should have you talking in a high pitch voice as your scores race to the sky higher than a weather balloon! The competitors shall bowl on the same lane, and then alternate doubles team members and lanes in the same bowling order, until the tie is broken. In 1968 Ted's father created the famous Dodge Super Bee logo and spearheaded that marketing campaign. KEEP THE INSIDE-OUT SWING PATH TO A MINIMUM!If a player's swing is coming from the inside to the outside too much, they will have a launch angle that is too high which will make it very difficult to target along the oil line early enough or long enough. I only have 3 balls right now and I imagine as I get more strategic I'll eventually need more. >> /FitWindow false To refer again to John Davis' article again, "the long pattern dictates the ball will hook a minimal amount; a player's break point will usually need to be closer to the pocket." By using two of Kegel's highest viscosity conditioners, Terrain and Fire, along with utilizing the FLEX's high speed buffer in front part of the lane, the Mercury pattern can balance out worn lane surfaces in the head area. Vincent Hall Memorial Over/Under 50 Doubles Tournament Rules. /Type /Pages The dual patterns used at the World Championship level are more defined than most of the patterns used in single condition events, and therefore should actually be simpler to figure out. %PDF-1.4 Lane Patterns for the Vincent Hall Memorial Over / Under 50 Doubles. /Filter /FlateDecode The long patterns normally range from 42 to 45 feet in length and the short patterns range from 32 to 35 feet in length, with both of these lengths having very similar required ball motion characteristics. A fresh lane condition shall be used at the beginning of each qualifying block, Round Robin match play, and the stepladder. the PBA Ball Drilling Truck, when the players bowled on longer patterns, their ball layout choices were in the 4 " to 6 " layout spectrum from their PAP. /Length 128 Entry Fee for this tournament shall be $300 per doubles team, which will be broken up into the following categories: Lineage, Prize Fund, Expenses. >> /Type /Annot << Failure to appear, regardless of cause, will constitute a forfeiture of the match. endobj Since there is less distance off the back of the . If, after the one game sudden-death match, teams are still tied, there will be a one (1) ball sudden-death roll-off on the same pair. Lake Wales, FL 33859 USA, Top 10 Reasons to Choose Kegel Conditioner, PINSETTER PARTS - COMPATIBLE WITH A2 MACHINES, PINSETTER PARTS - COMPATIBLE WITH GS MACHINES. Is 25.2 a lot, a little, medium? Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us. Ted also named the world's and Kegel's most popular lane machine the "Kustodian ION" (pronounced "EON" in Europe) and spearheaded the creation of Kegel's Navigation Oil Patterns. >> As the last conditioner to complete our Element Series, Terrain is the ground-breaking conditioner with shear-thinning chemical technology that brings the Element Series to a new level. If your dominant ball path is either outside the 10 board or inside the 15th board, you will be playing in the flattest area of the pattern. Here are some points and characteristics a player and coach should be looking for when playing the short pattern. >> >> e)e]KkY_Mu endobj /F48 21 0 R /Contents [11 0 R] From these pages you can easily download the pattern sheet as a PDF, a KOSI text file to load to your machines, or share the page with your friends, or participants at your event. However, with the asymmetric shift being used on the Mercury pattern, depending on topography and what side of the lane you play on, your scores can be very hot or very cold. Pattern Length. In order to download and upload patterns to your lane machine when using the Kegel Pattern Library app, a Kegel Wi-Fi kit is needed (see below). Craig Nidiffer. /F47 15 0 R Free award winning tech support.US Toll Free: (800) 280 2695International: +1 863 734 0200, Please follow/like our social media sites, Phone: +1 (863) 734 0200 | Fax: +1 (863) 734 0204, 1951 Longleaf Blvd. Users can be either a bowling center, a bowler, or even a coach, but all users will be required to create an account specifically for this app. February 1, 2020 - Merri-Bowl Livonia "3rd and Long, 4th and Inches" Marathon. /F50 18 0 R endobj >> This tournament shall be governed by the New England Bowlers Association and will be sanctioned with the United States Bowling Congress. Not withstanding a specific lane surface characteristics (topography and wear) and who you follow - different styles of play can affect oil pattern breakdown drastically. When I played this pattern in my local bowling center, I used the Pyramid Path Rising . /A << /BBox [0.00000 0.00000 612.00000 792.00000] Higher seed will have their choice of starting lane and order. Tonight's sweeper action, which was our second to last sweeper of the summer, took place on the Kegel Titanium pattern, which completed our tour through the Kegel Element series!. Surface adjustments will be allowed at the beginning of each round of the Round Robin match play and the stepladder. Not often can you find the durability of graphite and the glitter of diamonds together, but the Carbon pattern is about as close as we can get! In order to download and upload patterns to your lane machine when using the Kegel Pattern Library app, a Kegel Wi-Fi kit is needed (see below). This will allow you to keep your line longer and make small moves during transition so you can become a bowling Titan! For 10 or 8 teams, a break will occur halfway through the finals (i.e. % They need MORE patterns for more machines and the newer lane oils. /Annots [6 0 R 7 0 R 8 0 R 9 0 R] You can also view patterns organized in a variety of categories by clicking on GROUPS. For game 2, Bowler B bowls frame 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 on lane 5, and Bowler A bowls frames 2,4, 6, 8, and 10 on lane 6. /F29 17 0 R The library loads every pattern in the database and then you can search or filter those patterns to quickly find what you are looking for. Kegels new web-based Pattern Library is designed with the mobile experience as our first priority. Kegel Tip - Shorter patterns tend to have wider load structures yet leave the outside boards fairly dry. In Bowling Since: 1990. Finals at 3:30. With the element Arsenic known as the king of poisons, this oil pattern is probably going to be the same for your scores; it will be deadly to them. how to build a storm shelter in your closet,
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